Reflection Piece


Exhibiting Culture 1 & 2 (Ink Remix and Marilyn) were easily the most worthwhile subjects I have completed in my course (along with LAI’s Summer at the NGV which comes a close second place).

Exhibiting Culture is well thought out and well designed.  I feel that I got a variety of different perspectives (from experts in their fields) on the same thing which changed the way I thought about the object of focus (Ink Remix/Marilyn exhibitions). Because of this I feel that I learned a whole lot more than I would have if I’d chosen an elective from within my faculty.

The only criticism I have is regarding time, its very intensive.  I hope that in future more time can be dedicated to these subjects so students are not so rushed (it is a lot to take in, in a short amount of time and fatigue plays a role). Also as an art student, a lecture on the process of curating the Marilyn show would have been valuable.  But a job well done nevertheless.

Your subject was a breath of fresh air which managed to not only impress me, but also engage me; and I feel I am a better artist having participated in it.

The subject was valuable, informative, entertaining and engaging; and I hope LTU continues to support it.


Written by Tashara Roberts
20 April, 2016.


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