About Exhibiting Culture: Marilyn

Norma Jeane Baker eagerly embarked upon her Cinderella transformation into Marilyn Monroe through strategically using her looks. The camera loved her and she loved the camera. Her dream of being a great star came true – in her lifetime and beyond. Being Marilyn, however, did not bring the fulfilment, contentment, and security the dream had seemed to promise. Why not? Was Hollywood to blame? The Kennedys? 1950s conservatism? The circumstances of her childhood? The double-edged sword of celebrity?

As the exclusive higher education partner of Bendigo Art Gallery and Murray Art Museum Albury, La Trobe University addressed questions such as these through a fully accredited elective subject to all La Trobe undergraduate students and to members of the broader public.

“Exhibiting Culture: Marilyn” explored the Marilyn phenomenon through the a number of lenses, including those provided by history, politics, fashion, cinema and the visual arts, psychology, gender relations and law.

Students had the opportunity to enjoy access to Bendigo Art Gallery’s Bendigo Art Gallery and Twentieth Century Fox present Marilyn Monroe exhibition and to the Murray Art Museum Albury’s exhibition Marilyn: Celebrating an American Icon. Leading La Trobe scholars and other experts guided participants through a comparative exploration of the exhibitions.

Following on from this event, we decided to do it all again – this time in a one day Symposium at ACMI, held on November 12th, 2016. Follow this link for more details on the Symposium.

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